Serious about being a stylist?


A Letter from Robyn Cunningham
Three Small Rooms is truly in a league of its own. From the way they pamper their clients to the way they treat their staff.I started at Three Small Rooms in August of 2010 following one year of employment at another salon. Working at Three Small Rooms, I learned everything I know. Something as simple as holding a comb properly to the very technical razor cutting techniques and how to do an amazing blow dry. The bi-weekly training program is ongoing so I was always trained on the newest styles and trends.The salon follows a team based model which means that everyone works together. If a stylist is not busy, they help those who are. When they hit goals as a team, everyone benefits financially with a monthly bonus. Having a “no gossip” rule like they do is key when working with so many women! I could sit here all day telling everyone truly how amazing it is and how great the career opportunities are, but you have to see for yourself.

After 3 1/2 years, I made a personal and very difficult decision to pursue other employment. Three Small Rooms has transformed me into the person and Stylist I am today and for that I am ever grateful.~Robyn Cunningham 

If you are interested in joining the Three Small Rooms team, please send your resume to Marilyn.